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Learning About Medical Options and Protecting Our Rights
to Integrative, Complementary, and Alternative Health Care


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We are a grassroots organization of consumers who feel strongly about our freedom of choice in matters of healthcare and believe that freedom to be a fundamental right. We are legislators, fundraisers, lobbyists, mothers, fathers, patients, advocates, retired, young and old: we are you.

We believe that mainstream and alternative healthcare options can and should coexist for the benefit of all. Realizing that alternative healthcare faces ongoing attacks from a variety of sources in the healthcare industry, we are proactively passionate about assuring continuing access to healthcare alternatives for ourselves, our families, and all citizens. We are the voice to ensure Freedom of Choice in Health Care.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote awareness and educate the public about Integrative Medicine treatments and to educate North Carolinians about the legal, regulatory, insurance, and legislative climate that restricts freedom of choice in North Carolina.

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